Sail considers our need for travel and for community. I learned basic sailmaking skills from a professional sailmaker. The mast supports canvas sails with formed wooden battens that give the illusion the sails are full and underway. I used imagery from pilot and tide current charts, and cloud patterns. A set of sails with extensive patches refer to historical photos of mended sails and the care and labour invested in their repair.

Each unit: 360cm h x 270cm x 120cm (12’ tall x 9‘ x 4’), cotton canvas machine sewn construction, double-sided hand embroidery, hand worked corners/grommets.  Sisal rope, stainless steel tubing, assorted nautical fittings, formed wooden battens, cut plate steel bases.

Paper presented at the Textile Society of America's symposiumTextiles and Politics in Washington DC:

PDF of catalogue, essay by Dr. Jennifer E. Salahub.

The Sail Diagrams quote illustrations that explain how sails work. Each work 2011-12 , 70cm h x 50cm w (28” x 20”) linen cloth, hand embroidery cotton and silk. Mounted on canvas panels.