The group show "Connections" opened with a full house at the talk and crowded gallery. It involves a collaboration between textile artists paired with four members of Nature Vancouver: Bettina with Teresa Gagné (Teresa made a soundtrack for one piece!) and with Sheila Byers,  Barbara Heller (tapestry) with Elena Klein, and Eleanor Hannan (embroidery) with Bengül Kurtar . The whole process has forced me to incorporate new materials, make mechanical devices, learn the details and names of assorted flora and fauna, and stretch my old brain in unexpected directions. Some of my pieces are (gulp) hands on! . Check the CCBC for location/hours etc 

Cartographer John Nelson has set up a lovely blog that invites people to write short pieces about personal aspects of maps and mapping. It's a gem and I'm very pleased to have a post there recalling the "Bike Trip" project maps:   

bike trip spool skeena copy.jpg


I finally got around to making a business Facebook page. Always a bit slow on the draw.  Please join me there for updates of work in progress, invitations and interesting stuff.  There's also the little FB icon at the bottom of each page on this site that will take you there.  I've even opened an Instagram account! 


Here's a small piece, solid obsessive embroidery, remembering my time in Canada's Gros Morne National Park, October 2015. The summit of Gros Morne mountain is only 800 metres high -not huge by local B.C. measures- but it is mysterious, otherworldly and exhilarating. The tough little rock plants were turning colour and the sky was turbulent. I'd go back anytime....

Gros Morne Sky

A big THANK YOU! to those who stopped by at the Out of Hand fair in Victoria. There were many interesting conversations.  You can still check out what's available on the "shop" page if there is a particular piece you like. Happy to pack and ship.  I'm beginning new work for a show in May 2017 that will see 4 textile artists paired with 4 natural history experts. My pieces will be interactive so I'm making mockups, drawings, prototypes......

Botany Lesson

Botany Lesson

I travelled to Savannah GA to present a paper about my Weathering project at the Textile Society of America's biannual conference.  Below is the "Funnel," the process by which meteorologists begin to make a forecast, starting with the jet stream and going down through the layers to us humans on the ground. I also announced on behalf of the 2018 steering committee that this conference will come to Vancouver next.

The table during the lull of the lunch break. 3-day workshop on textile maps at Maiwa on Granville Island, Vancouver. Remarkable work emerged......

workshop Sept 2016

I produced a short write-up of my experience at the Emma Lake Collaboration camp in northern Saskatchewan this summer. What do artists do on their summer vacations? Work.

These tiny embroideries were turned into lovely brooches by Melody Armstrong

 I lost my Mom July 7, 2016. She was the queen of "no fuss", see below:

My Mom slipped out of the world this morning at 1am. I was holding her hand. She had seen and smiled at both her grandchildren the day before which made all of us feel ok. She had been rapidly declining over the past week but the staff at the Holy Family Hospital were attentive and gentle with her.

She was a great Mom and a five-star Oma. She had an adventurous soul: playing soccer with her brothers, riding on my Dad’s motorcycle when they were sweethearts in Germany, sailing on the “Yahda" and later living on their boat “Amber”. There was no shortage of hijinx and mischief in her, but never in a mean way. She was also a creative powerhouse. I made her a blog for her birthday years ago and it is a testament to her love of colour but more importantly, to making things FOR people -things they could use and enjoy for years. You can post comments here:

As you probably know, Mom was not religious. But she was kind and had an open mind and heart. She cherished her friendships very much –her long time buddies, the folks up and down the coast, fellow craftspeople at the Telegraph Harbour Marina weekends, fellow boaters, and all children large and small. So rather than any donations or flowers, please invite a friend out for tea or lunch or make them lunch or a beer, just hang out and enjoy that person’s company. Have a laugh together and raise a glass to Mom, and while you’re at it, all the good people who work in the health care system. It would make her, and me, happy.


I'm very excited to have a spread in (click on) Galleries West magazine, Summer 2016. I'm in with some very fine company.

I am very excited that "The Zoology of Weather" is to be among the 36 films (chosen from over 300! submissions) for the UK Craft Council's Real to Reel Film Festival. I am thinking of how we could bring it to Canada.  Need some fun once the cold weather sets in, eh?...


I applied for, and was awarded an artist residency in Gros Morne National Park, NFLD, for October 2015. I have wanted to visit the park for a very long time, so it was a fabulous opportunity. I wanted to develop a project I could do quickly (embroidery is like watching paint dry), something to record each day. I traced 28 articles of clothing onto unbleached cotton and machine finished the edges. Every day I painted one, describing the weather. Towards the end, I borrowed a clothesline with a grand view and hung them out. I also painted and embroidered what I call "smalls", sketches, that I can do fairly quickly once I'm home and fed. The sunset is looking out at the Gulf of St Lawrence....bits of technicolour cumulus and altocumulus in solid chain stitch.

The text for my presentation at the Textile Society of America's conference in D.C. about my Sail project is available for download on the  website: 

Close Reach

My presentation at Sam Sullivan's Public Salon is now on YouTube!  7 min of fame. Me, trying to convey how utterly remarkable the Bayeux Tapestry is. If you can't go to France to see it, look at 

photo: Sarah Murray    

photo: Sarah Murray