The group show "Connections" opened at the Craft Council of BC in 2017, with a full house at the talk and crowded gallery. It involves a collaboration between textile artists paired with four members of Nature Vancouver: Bettina with Teresa Gagné and with Sheila Byers, Barbara Heller (tapestry) with Elena Klein, and Eleanor Hannan (embroidery) with Bengül Kurtar . The whole process has forced me to incorporate new materials, make mechanical devices and learn the details and names of assorted flora and fauna. The works with Teresa explore themes of restoration in nature. Viewers can open the boxes and handle the contents. Teresa did much of the research and produced delightful and comprehensive(!) little "field guides" to accompany each box, not to mention a soundtrack of bugs and birds for "The Buzz". The "City of Glass" I made with Sheila who is a marine biologist and I learned to appreciate the bustling and fantastically strange community hanging out in the endangered glass sponge reefs of B.C.